MOFT Z Foldable 5-in-1 Sit-stand Laptop Desk

MOFT Z Foldable 5-in-1 Sit-stand Laptop Desk

SKU: MO005-1

Brand Name: MOFT

Design: The MOFT Z Foldable 5-in-1 Sit-stand Laptop Desk

Material: PU + Fiber Glass + Magnets + Iron Pieces


  • Ease of body and mind; With the Z structure, you can now switch from sitting to standing desk in no time.
  • Super-versatile structure; You would still sit down after a short break, that’s why MOFT Z offers a high-angle and a low one to make sure your desk always fits your sight height.
  • 25-degree makes a place to rest your palms while typing naturally; 35 to 45-degree is best for flexible working set-up with peripherals; 60-degree makes browsing on smaller devices like tablets much more comfortable.
  • Folds back into a thin book; More space for your desk. Nice and clean. And easy to carry..
  • Ultra premium material; Goes beyond ensuring everywhere you touch is soft and smooth to your hands, and adds a bit of visual warmth to it rather than a cardboard feel.
  • High-weight capacity; Holds up to 10kg (22lbs), durable and strong enough for heavy duty.

Type: Laptop Stand

Compatible Model: All Laptops