Baseus Gaming Earphone with Detachable HD Mic

Baseus Gaming Earphone with Detachable HD Mic

SKU: BS055

Brand Name: BASEUS

Design: GAMO 3.5 H15


  • To be battlefield commander; Take control of the game rhythm

  • Dual microphone headset linkage; Group warfare is more exciting

  • Plug-in microphone with built-in microphone in cable control box; Sound quality is clear and transmission is more timely

  • Hi-Fi stereo hand-swimming sound effect, high sensitivity transmission, without putting a sound, to ensure that the position of the group warfare is safer

  • Restore the essence of sound; The 10mm separated sound chamber with composite diaphragm is used to debug the frequency response of the game sound effect, to enhance the game sound effect to a great extent, and to bring a strong sense of game presence

  • High definition decoding transmission, dynamic low-frequency, clear medium frequency

  • Plug-in microphone; Applied to multiple scenarios

  • Stylish and cool appearance

  • Simple line control; The volume can be adjusted by gently pushing the sliding rod

  • 3.5mm jack

Type: Wired Earphone

Compatible Model: Nintendo Switch, Mobile Devices (Phone, Tablet), Mac/PC D