90FUN Messenger Bag

90FUN Messenger Bag

SKU: XM005-1

Brand Name: 90FUN

Design: Stylish Urban Messenger Bag

Material: Polyamide Fiber with Polyester Lining


  • Urban fashion casual style
  • Super unique style; Strong and reliable in all weather
  • Paper folding design simple style
  • Waterproof level 3-4; Resist spilled water in daily life
  • Function pockets and large capacity
  • High strength, wear-proof, and durable material
  • Seamless warning reflective light bar for safety in the dark
  • Flexible EVA handle
  • Removable shoulder pad; Relieve shoulder pressure for easy use
  • Adjustable UTX buckles; Clasp design, not easy to slide
  • Cute hook; Easy to take out
  • Nylon strap; Durable material, strong texture

Type: Messenger Bag