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Why Do You Need a Webcam Cover ?

Did you know that hackers can easily access your webcam even though it is not in use(turned off), and without you knowing it?

In the world of internet, it is very easy to get hacked by just clicking on an unknown or spam email, or by accidentally visiting a website that carries malware.

There are also rising numbers of reported cases of hackers, and government organizations gaining access to people's webcam around the world.

This can easily be prevented by covering your webcam with a webcam cover slider, because your privacy matter.

What does a webcam cover slider do?

Basically, a webcam cover slider is a piece of plastic which can be place over to the lens of your laptop to cover its front camera.

Good thing about using webcam cover slider is that you can slide to open or close whenever needed.

Why do you need one?

Having a device like PC or laptop with front facing camera is a great features for you to make video calls to catch up with your family and close friends.

Majority of PC or laptop 's webcam will display a small light to indicate that the webcam is activated or in use. However, it is actually possible for hackers to disable the light indicator of your webcam, to make you unaware that your webcam is active.

What about using a sticky note or piece of paper to cover the webcam?

Although a sticky note or piece of paper can cover your webcam, it is still not a good idea.

This is because it can leave a sticky residue behind which can be difficult to remove. It is also easy to fall off, leaving your privacy open to hackers.

Using a sticky note or a piece of paper is not a permanent fix.

So, it is advised to invest on a proper webcam cover slider where your privacy is guaranteed to be protected at all time.

Where can you get Webcam Cover Slider?

You can easily place order by going to the top of the page's menu Accessories > Others


You can directly click the link provided:

Places that a Webcam Cover Slider can be used?

1. PC or Laptops

2. Tablets

3. Mobile Phones

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