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What is an OTG Adapter? How to use it?

So, what is an OTG?

An OTG is stand for On-The-Go.

Just as the name goes, OTG adapter allows you to easily connect a full size USB flash drive to your android phone or tablet as long as your device support OTG Protocol.

Most android devices today do support this function.

With OTG Adapter, you can do the following:

- Transfer data files such as photo, video, and song directly from your phone to USB flash drive (pen drive), or the other way round.

- Transfer photos directly from a compatible camera to your phone.

- Plug in keyboard or mouse.

OTG Adapter is a revolutionary tech that helps to solve your problem of low memory storage in your phone.

For instance, you know you will be on a very long boring trip and wish to watch movie on your phone but the internal memory of your phone is too low to copy any more movie.

The best way is to carry the movies with a flash drive or pen drive.

Now, you have a flash drive or pen drive with all the movies stored in it.

All you need is an OTG Adapter for your USB flash drive to connect or insert into it, and then plug in the OTG Adapter to the phone.

This allows you to access the data files in your flash drive with your phone.

And thus, you can watch your movie " On-The-Go ".

How to use?

An illustration of how to use OTG Adapter with flash drive or pen drive on your phone, as shown:

OTG Adapter for phone with Micro-USB port:

OTG Adapter for phone with Type-C port:

Where to get one?

Check out our original branded and quality OTG Adapter at menu on top of the page " Accessories " > " Adapter/Hub "


Directly from the link provided:

- For Android Micro-USB:

- For Android Type-C:

If you need an original branded and quality flash drive or pendrive, you may check it out at " Accessories " > " Flash Memory Storage " at menu on top of the page


Directly from the link provided:

- SanDisk flash drive 2.0 16GB:

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