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Marry Me Now? 2018

Drama: Marry Me Now? (English title) / Shall We Live Together (literal title)

Episodes: 50

Release Date: March 17 - September 9, 2018

Country: South Korea

File size: 25.09 GB (HD)

Plot Synopsis

Park Yoo-Ha (Han Ji-Hye) studied hard in medical school and finished her intern course.

She works hard to become a doctor due to her father.

Her father raised 4 children by himself and her oldest sister also sacrificed for the family.

Park Yoo-Ha is not interested in other people.

Suddenly, her father marries a woman rich enough to own a building.

Meanwhile, Jung Eun-Tae (Lee Sang-Woo) works as a doctor.

He volunteered for performing medical service abroad, but he comes back to Korea.

Jung Eun-Tae is not interested in marriage, because his father placed priority on his medical work over family and Jung Eun-Tae believes he is like his father.


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